Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007

georgia on my mind...

It seems sort of ludicrous to write a blog entry at 1:30 in the morning when I haven't yet finished writing a sermon that I have to deliver in....let's not count the hours down quite yet! But I had such a lovely trip to Georgia with my youth group and all I can think of are the beautiful pecan orchards on the farm where we stayed and warm lovely weather. A couple of not so nice images of a couple of unnamed youth in drag drift into my mind too, but I shall banish them with this....oh spring, you were a fleeting part of my life!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


If you are curious what 'spring' looks like in Ottawa- here's your chance to take a look- the tree in my front yard. Hardly bursting with buds. Guess it's still officially winter.

a hat! a hat!

Here is the felty wool/angora hat I made for Richella- it better be there by now 'cause the guy told me Tuesday. I haven't heard from Richella if she got it yet....evil glare....

Thursday, March 01, 2007

quilting bee!

Another exciting development in handicrafts month is that the ladies from church are nearly done quilting the quilt i pieced for bronwyn's wedding...a couple of years ago....oops. but bronwyn, take heart, your quilt is nearly done!

quilting ladies working on b's quilt

march is handicrafts month!

in em world, february was 'learn about money' month. we have now moved on to march, 'handicraft' month!!!

in the spirit of handicraft, i shall post the pictures i have been meaning to add to show what lovely things i have been doing (right:)
first, for christmas, i got on a purse-making roll, thanks to the amazing tutorial by tiny happy...

here are some results...
the 'bowling bag' I made for meg out of her old skirt, which i stole from some stuff she was giving to the women's shelter, hopefully she wasn't getting rid of it because she hated the fabric :)

and this one i made for bronwyn out of some thrift store grey plus a thrifted flowery skirt.... yay!

also i felted an old sweater and made a coat for my dog, Gizmo, loosely based on this pattern- which he couldn't appreciate less! Beware if you are planning to make this coat for your dog, it is ti-nee! I had to blow the pattern up a HUGE amount to have it fit my 16lb shih tzu.