Thursday, March 01, 2007

march is handicrafts month!

in em world, february was 'learn about money' month. we have now moved on to march, 'handicraft' month!!!

in the spirit of handicraft, i shall post the pictures i have been meaning to add to show what lovely things i have been doing (right:)
first, for christmas, i got on a purse-making roll, thanks to the amazing tutorial by tiny happy...

here are some results...
the 'bowling bag' I made for meg out of her old skirt, which i stole from some stuff she was giving to the women's shelter, hopefully she wasn't getting rid of it because she hated the fabric :)

and this one i made for bronwyn out of some thrift store grey plus a thrifted flowery skirt.... yay!

also i felted an old sweater and made a coat for my dog, Gizmo, loosely based on this pattern- which he couldn't appreciate less! Beware if you are planning to make this coat for your dog, it is ti-nee! I had to blow the pattern up a HUGE amount to have it fit my 16lb shih tzu.

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